ELLIOTT AND THE AUDIO KINGS - Roots, blues and rock and roll !!

"The trio, who hail from the Kitchener area of Ontario in Canada, are all about that perfect storm where blues, country, bluegrass, and rockabilly all collided, and rock n’ roll was born."
100% Rock Magazine - July 2016

Elliott and the Audio Kings have returned with a new album entitled, Long Live the King. 

Led by Mike Elliott, formerly of Maple Blues award winning band Daddy Long Legs, with Jonny Sauder on Drums and Scott Fitzpatrick on doghouse bass, Elliott and the Audio Kings' new release features another collection of gutsy original tunes.

Ruff and rowdy, this small but mighty three piece band hammers out songs that
are tough as nails. 

- flip the switch, count it in, and hold fast.


Audio samples


Elliott and the audio kings - Bio

  • Heart Attack3:31
  • Easier said than done3:28
  • Come on home3:42
  • What tomorrow brings3:34
  • One of a kind3:43
  • What they say about you3:38